We believe Sustainable Education Starts Early

With our full line of Hugg a Planet products, we offer a great way to introduce educational toys for everyone to learn more about our planet.

We want to make change both in the products we sell and in the messages they send. Our commitment to that change is embodied in our company values.

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    Ethical Recycling

    In our shipping, sourcing, production and manufacturing, we are committed to using recycled materials whenever and wherever feasible.

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    Organic & Sustainable

    When recycling isin't a feasible option, we prioritize using organically or sustailly produced materials for a better planet.

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    Responsible Manufacturing

    We are constantly working with the manufacturers we get our products from to improve their production methods.

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    Promoting Peace

    We create toys that are non-violent and have a socially responsible message such as peace, protecting the environment and diversity.