Our Mission

We are the socially responsible toy company dedicated to changing the world one kids toy at a time. It is Hugg-A-Planets belief that in order to foster real progress in effecting positive social and environmental change we must start with the children of the world. They will be the most affected, and will be the consumers of products. Their choices can create a positive effect on the environment and society of tomorrow.

Our Commitement To Socially Responsible Products
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    Ethical Recycling

    In our shipping, sourcing, production and manufacturing, we are committed to using recycled materials whenever and wherever feasible.

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    Organic & Sustainable

    When recycling isin't a feasible option, we prioritize using organically or sustailly produced materials for a better planet.

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    Responsible Manufacturing

    We are constantly working with the manufacturers we get our products from to improve their production methods.

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    Promoting Peace

    We create toys that are non-violent and have a socially responsible message such as peace, protecting the environment and diversity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to use my Hugg-A-Planet?

This is really up to you and we are always looking for innovative ways to use our Hugg-A-Planets(or HAPs for short), but we do have a few ideas on how to get started making the most out of your new Hugg-A-Planet. First give It a hug, our world needs more. Second, depending on which HAPs you have there are a few ways to inspire geo learning. Use our Baby HAP to test your knowledge of countries, it has all of them, but only the continents and oceans are labeled, then go to your Classic, Pocket or Super HAP to see if you are correct. Once you have mastered all the HAP locations you are ready to pair your Hugg-A-Planet with a more detailed world atlas, then use the HAP to test for capitals and other major cities, we have a few world Maps for you to choose from here.

When will my order arrive?

For U.S. shipments the tracking numbers and carrier info will be emailed to you upon order fulfillment. For intenational shipments please note that your tracking numbers need to be entered here more info can be found on our shipping page.

Where are your products made?

After 38 years of manufacturing Hugg-A-Planet has gone through many changes in where we source our materials. All of our products go through the final stages of production at our factory in Vermont, USA. Some of our Hugg-A-Planet shells are made in China, and are filled, finished, and designed in USA.The Organic Foundling line is 100% handmade in USA, along with our Hugg America line. 

What are your products made from?

Our Hugg-A-Planet line is made of cotton, printed with safe and tested colorfast inks, filled with an industry leading polyester fiber that comes from recycled materials. Foundlings are made from 100% organic cotton, filled with untreated and unbleached cotton fill. We strive to source the best and safest materials for all of our products, and for the Earth.

How do I make a return or exchange?

We are happy to accept returns within 30 days of purchase, all of our items carry a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. For more information on returns or exchanges visit our No Worries Returns page. 

How do I know what size to order?

The Hugg-A-Planet line comes in 3 sizes. Smallest is the 7 inch diameter Baby Hugg-A-Planet which also comes in a Rattle version. Next is the 12 inch diameterClassic size, which is our best seller and also comes in a Pocket version. Finally the 24 inch diameter Super Hugg-A-Planet which functions nicely as a chair for someone under 80 lbs. Our Hugg-A-Moon, and Hugg-A-Mars come in celestial proportion to the Classic 12 inch Hugg-A-Planet.   

Are Hugg-A-Planets sold in any stores?

Yes after 38 plus years in business our Hugg-A-Planets are now carried in a wide variety of stores, planetariums, and gifts shops all across the world, here is a link to find a Hugg-A-Planet near you. Where is the world?

How do I clean my Hugg-A-Planet?

Hugg-A-Planets are machine washable, however anything can happen with this world of ours so we recommend you tie the Hugg-A-Planet in a pillow case before putting it in the washer, this is an added precaution in the event the fiber filling was to escape during wash cycle, then tumble dry on low settings. As we mentioned above HAPs have gone through many changes over the years, if you bought your HAP before 2012 it is best to surface wash the Hugg-A-Planet, these older HAPs will loose their shape after a wash cycle and you may end up with a floppy Earth. With any Hugg-A-Planet it is better to attempt surface clean first, only put it in the wash if surface cleaning will not remove stains.

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